Regroup at the 2019 InTouch Telehealth Innovation Forum

Posted by Regroup on Jul 18, 2019 12:59:11 PM

Intouch Telehealth Forum Panel | Joe DeVivo, CEO of InTouch Telehealth; Alexis Gilroy, Partner at Jones Day; Zachary DArgonne, AVP, Outreach Services at HCA Healthcare

David Cohn, Regroup Founder & CEO, Matthew Slovitt and Bob Silverstein recently joined other healthcare leaders at the 2019 InTouch Telehealth Innovation Forum to hear from organizations that are on the leading edge of integrating innovative processes and models of care delivery.  Read some key points made from various leaders as they gave their perspective on the future telehealth.

The following is a collection of insights from leaders that presented at the InTouch Telehealth Forum on July 15-17, 2019, including: Joe DeVivo, CEO of InTouch Telehealth; Alexis Gilroy, Partner at Jones Day; Zachary D'Argonne, AVP, Outreach Services at HCA Healthcare and Manager of Telemedicine Operations of HealthONE Virtual Network; John Mackenzie, RN Coordinator Telemedicine Network at Dignity Health; David Fletcher, AVP Teleheatlh of Geisinger; Frank Drummond, CMO, Behavioral Health at HCA Healthcare; and Megan Schabbing, System Medical Director of Psychiatric Emergency Services at OhioHealth.
  • Tele-behavioral services are now the #1 use case on InTouch's platform

  • Developments in federal legislation will positively impact telemedicine

  • BETTER Act loosens Medicare restrictions on mental health services delivered in beneficiaries' homes through telehealth tools while also eliminating originating site fees

  • SUPPORT Act (2018) - New deadline of October 1, 2019 will change originating site requirements for prescribing controlled substances under the Ryan Haight Act
  • The key to making the case for a telebehavioral program within a health system is to focus on the downstream revenue and cost impacts and not the fee for service reimbursement in the behavioral session
  • When evaluating a telebehavioral vendor, ensure they have these elements built into their business model and service offering:
    • A dedicated Medical Director
    • Provide oversight and feedback to their clinicians
    • High-quality recruitment and retention efforts

Did you know Regroup 's Medical Director, Dr. Hossam Mahmoud, MD MPH,  oversees all quality oversight protocols to ensure Regroup clinicians are delivering the best possible services to its partners? Supported by this oversight are dedicated recruiting and credentialing teams with 35+ years of combined experience for optimal matching to partner needs and patient populations.

  • Alignment on the same goal and values is key when determining what vendor to partner with; don't just seek services with the lowest cost.

  • Thing about areas to use telebehavioral services outside of the ED; better services in the clinic are the best way to reduce patient ED visits (Dignity Health saw a reduction from 37 ED visits per month to 5-7 with this upstream approach)

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